Quality Policy

  • Follow and obey legal obligations of producing a medical assay
  • Exceed patient expectations, and provide full patient satisfaction through services which align with medical ethics and scientific principles
  • Comply with the requirements of good medical practice and the ISO 15189 Standards
  • Utilize the highest quality equipment in a fast and economically favorable manner in cooperation with our medical suppliers
  • Work with specific targets and aims while carrying out any medical process, such that the Quality Management System is never compromised and laboratory services are constantly being improved
  • Use a “zero error” goal during medical assays as well as the finalization of results
  • Appreciate that health awareness in the community is only achieved through a satisfactory personal and institutional knowledge.
  • Cultivate innovation, careful analysis, and improvement in every procedure that is undertaken
  • Provide the best quality health care in concordance with the highest medical standards

Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday | 8am - 6pm
  • Saturday | 8am-1pm
  • Sunday | On Call

Point Of Care (POC)
  • (0392) 444 4 BML (265)
  • 7/24 Service at your home